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How to Change Default Download Folders Locations of IDM

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In this post, we will explore the steps to modify the default location, for downloaded files in IDM (Internet Download Manager).

When you install IDM or Internet Download Manager, the software automatically creates default download folders.

  1. Compressed
  2. Documents
  3. Music
  4. Programs
  5. Video

However, IDM also provides the flexibility to modify the paths of these folders if desired. IDMLover is available to guide you through the process of accomplishing this task.

Sure we can update the folder path or location, in Internet Download Manager.

Change IDM Download Folders Locations

How to Change IDM Default Folder

Here are the steps to demonstrate how you can modify the General Category Folder, in IDM for a demo. These steps can be applied to categories, like Video, Music, Compressed and so on.

  • To begin open your Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  • Next, navigate to the menu. Click on “Options.”
  • In the options menu. Select the “Save to” tab.
  • Now choose the category, for downloaded file types.
  • By default, this is set to “General “. For demonstration purposes let’s change the path for the “General” category.
  • Click on the “Browse” button in the default download directory section, for the “General” category session.
  • Finally, select the folder where you would like to save downloads of these file types using IDM.
  • 👍Done! You have successfully changed the default download location of the IDM.

That’s How to change the default folder of downloads in IDM.

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