{Easier Than You Think} Download Any Google Drive File with IDM

Download Any Google Drive File with IDM

👋 Hey IDM User! Today I’ll be sharing a guide, on how to download files from Google Drive using IDM (Internet Download Manager). Sometimes you might encounter this issue if you haven’t properly integrated IDM with your browser, Google Chrome. It can also occur if the file format isn’t supported by IDM. Let’s dive in and solve this problem together!

So let’s take a look, at how we can resolve the issue of not being able to download files from Google Drive. 🤔


Download with IDM from Google Drive

Sure I can provide you with the steps to resume downloading files from Google Drive using IDM (Internet Download Manager).

  1. To begin you should open the Google Drive URL in your web browser preferably using Chrome and then click on the Download button.
  2. If the file is too big Google Drive will display a message asking if you want to proceed with the download. In this case, you simply need to click on “Download “.
  3. If you find that a file is starting to download in Chrome simply cancel it. Access the Downloads tab, in Chrome by using the key Ctrl + J.
  4. Please copy the URL of the Google Drive file from there located beneath the file name.
  5. Paste this URL in the Add URL option of IDM.
  6. It takes some seconds to get the file details.
  7. It’s ideal to observe both the file name and file size matching up. If they don’t align just wait until the Google Chrome icon appears.
  8. To add a URL to IDM, first open the IDM Download Panel. Copy the URL you want to add. Then go to the IDM Add URL section. Paste the copied URL there.
  9. I am sure this time you get the same file there.
  10. Done!

One common issue that arises when trying to download files from Google Drive using IDM is the obstacle encountered.

However, if you encounter any login problems when attempting to download from Google Drive simply log in using any of your Gmail accounts. This issue will be resolved.

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