NOV 2023 ▷ Download YT PLAYLIST using IDM [SAVE TIME]

How to Download Youtube playlist using IDM

Any fan of IDM (Internet Download Manager) knows that it can easily download YouTube videos with a click.. What if you want to download a YouTube playlist or select specific videos from it? Well IDM has got you covered!

I have some news for you. Downloading a YouTube playlist using IDM is actually quite simple. Just follow the steps I’ll be discussing in detail later, in this post, on “How to Download a YouTube Playlist using IDM.”

If you’re encountering difficulties when trying to download YouTube videos using IDM you can refer to this post for a solution, to fixing the issue of the YouTube Video Download Panel not showing.

Now let’s proceed with the steps to download a YouTube playlist using IDM or Internet Download Manager.

Download YouTube Playlist with IDM


When it comes to downloading YouTube playlists using Internet Download Manager (IDM) there’s no need to install any software on your Windows PC like when you download mega files using IDM.

New Method to Download YouTube Playlist Videos at Once

Starting from April 22nd the previous method of using IDM to save YouTube playlist videos is no longer effective. You may encounter a “not found” error when using the YouTube playlist downloadable link generator website.

However there’s no need to worry. IDMLover has discovered a solution. Here are the steps you should follow in order to conveniently download YouTube playlist videos with one click, in 2023.

1. First, go to the website: and create a Free Account [You can use Temp Mails for that]

2. Copy the URL of the YouTube playlist and paste it on that site.

paste url on youtubeplaylist

3. Select 15 Videos from that Playlist [This site has a limit of 15 videos/day per free account]

select media from list

4. Now select the video quality and click on the ‘Download All’ button.

5. Wait until the process is done and then click on ‘Export Link’.

click on export link

6. After that click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ Button.

copy the playlist downloadable links

7. Now open IDM, click the Tasks option in the top left corner of Internet Download Manager, and from there select the “Add batch download from clipboard” option.


8. Now, select the videos using the Check All button.


9. Now give a name to the Queue as you want and click on Start.

10. That’s all 🥳 [Is this method working? Geel free to tell me in the comment]

Steps to Download Youtube Playlist in IDM [Old Method]

  • First of all, go to YouTube and open the playlist that you like to download.
  • Then copy the URL of that YouTube playlist.
Copy url of the Playlist you ant to download
  • Please click on this link HERE to be redirected to the YouTube playlist downloader.

    Note: Please understand that I am not using the YouTube playlist downloader to download a YouTube video playlist. We simply require the URLs of all the videos, in the YouTube playlist, which you will see in the step.
  • Now paste the URL of the YouTube playlist that you copied from YouTube into the address section of the YouTube Playlist downloader.
  • Next copy the URL for downloading all of the videos, in the YouTube Playlist.
copy URL of the playlist
  • To begin launch IDM (Internet Download Manager). Locate the Tasks option located at the left corner of the program’s interface. From there choose the Add batch download, from the Old clipboard feature.
click on add batch option in IDM
  • First choose the videos you wish to download from the YouTube Playlist or opt, for the playlist, by utilizing the “Check all” button.
Select the videos you to download using IDM
  • Choose any name, for the queue. Click on the “Start” button.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the steps to download a YouTube playlist using IDM.
  • Now initiating the downloading with IDM is a breeze.

Important Note; If the YouTube playlist contains than 100 videos start by selecting the 100 and creating a queue, for them. Then copy the URL from the YouTube Playlist Downloader site. Select the remaining videos adding them to the queue you created earlier.

Now It’s Your Turn

I’m quite confident that this post will help you save time when downloading a YouTube playlist. If you don’t follow these steps your only option would be to download each video of the playlist separately using the IDM YouTube video download panel.

If you find this post enjoyable and the trick useful please don’t forget to share your feedback by commenting below the post.

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