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How TO Integrate IDM Extension to Firefox

🙏 Hey IDM User! If you’re using Mozilla Firefox as your browser. You’ve already installed IDM on your Windows PC but haven’t integrated the IDM extension for Firefox you won’t be able to enjoy the downloading process. Without integrating the IDM Download Manager add on you’ll miss out on some features, like:-



you need to add IDM (Internet Download Manager) Extension in Firefox Browser.

😀 So, In this post, you know how you can Add IDM Integration Module to Mozilla Firefox.

Integrate IDM With FireFox

How to Install IDM Extension in Firefox

Before we delve into the two methods of integrating IDM Extension, in the Firefox browser I recommend that you follow these steps or ensure that you have already completed them on your Windows PC. If you haven’t done these steps yet please apply them first.

Internet Downoad Manager Extension Option for Firebox Browser
  • Now when you reopen your Firefox browser you will notice a message saying “IDM Integration Module has been added to Firefox” in the Firefox menu. Simply click on the three dots to view it.
  • To enable the IDM extension simply click on the message. If this doesn’t happen, don’t worry because there are methods to integrate IDM in Firefox.
  • If you have previously installed a version of the IDM extension, on Firefox please uninstall it. Then attempt to reinstall by following the steps listed below.

Integrate IDM with Firefox using IDM xpi file

Download IDM CC for Firefox from here 👇

  • To Download IDM CC, for Firefox RAR please click on the provided link. And you will be taken to the download page the download process.
  • To open Firefox and access the addons tab you can. Press the combination of ctrl+shift+A. Click on the three lines/dots, in Firefox and select the addons option.
  • Now click on the setting icon.
  • Then select Install Add-on From File option.
  • Choose the xpi file that matches the version of Firefox you have installed.

You will find three XPI files here. They all have similar file names. To select the one consider the version of your Firefox web browser.

  1. Please choose the idmmzcc3.xpi file, for FireFox versions 53 and Newer.
  2. To use the idmmzcc2.xpi, for Firefox you can install it on versions 27, to 52 of the browser.
  3. To install the Firefox extension choose “idmmzcc.xpi” (without any numbers) for versions 1.5, to 26 inclusive.

Now move back on the integration steps…

  • If you choose the xpi Firefox will display a confirmation message. Simply click on the Add button.
  • Done!😍

Integrate IDM with Firefox using IDM Add-on

To incorporate IDM into Firefox we will utilize the Internet Download Manager Integration Module Firefox Addon.

  • Please open this post using your Firefox browser and click on the link HERE.
  • If you click on the link it will take you to the Firefox IDM Addon page.
  • To begin using IDM features, in Firefox simply install this addon on your Firefox web browser.

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