4 Working Ways to Increase IDM Downloading Speed 2023

4 Working Ways to Increase IDM Downloading Speed

While IDM, also known as Internet Download Manager provides faster download speeds compared to web browsers, on Windows PCs

There are methods mentioned in this engaging post that can be used to further increase your IDM downloading speed.

So lets get started with IDM User!


Note:Please keep in mind that the speed of uploading and downloading is mostly determined by your network plan. Nevertheless there are some methods you can try to enhance the download speed of IDM (Internet Download Manager).

How to Speed Up Downloads in IDM

There are not one. More, than three ways to enhance the download speed on IDM.

Speed Limit

Speed limiter is a feature offered by IDM also known as Internet Download Manager. Once you activate this feature you will notice an increase, in your download speed while using IDM.

To enable it simply follow these steps;

  • First IDM (Internet Download Manager). After that go to the Downloads section. Click on Speed Limiter. From there select Settings.
  • In the new tab, enter the value 9999 in the “Maximum download speed for one file” column
  • Also, Tick mark the “Always turn on Speed Limiter on IDM startup” and click “Ok”
  • Done

Now observe the variation in your download speed while using IDM.

Connection Setting of IDM

To optimize your internet download manager (IDM) speed it is important to configure the IDM Connection Settings based on your internet connection type (3G/4G/5G).

So, The downloading speed of IDM is directly influenced by your internet plan.

Therefore I recommend adjusting these settings to enhance your download speed.

Here are the steps that you can use to set up these settings of IDM:

  • Launch Internet Download Manager (IDM), on your Windows computer.
  • Click on the “Option” icon within IDM.
  • In the opened window navigate to the “Connection” tab. Modify the “Connection Type/Speed” setting to match your high speed connection method, such as Ethernet/Cable, Wi Fi, Mobile 4G or any other suitable option.
  • Next set the “Max. Connections number” to 32. Save these connection settings, in your IDM downloader manager.
  • That’s it! You have successfully completed all the steps.

Please note that if your internet download speed is, more than 1MBps you can consider using “16” of “32” (recommended).

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Use a Proxy

I wouldn’t suggest using a proxy, on IDM if you already have a proxy that has been speed tested.

In this technique you will discover the steps to enhance the speed of downloading in IDM by leveraging a server.

  • Launch Internet Download Manager, on your computer.
  • Click on the “Options” icon, within IDM.
  • In the opened window navigate to the “Proxy/Socks” tab. Checkmark the “Manual proxy/socks configuration” box. Enter your proxy details. Click on the “OK“button.

Each step is Done through the Proxy method.

IDM Optimizer


In this guide we will explore the use of third party software called “IDM Optimizer” to enhance the download speed of IDM (Internet Download Manager).

Download IDM Optimizer

Exe IDM Optimizer

Once you have finished downloading open the application to enhance the performance of Internet Download Manager (IDM). Choose the option that you would like to apply to your IDM installation, on your Windows computer.

Final Words

Here are various approaches and techniques to enhance the downloading speed of IDM. By implementing some of these methods you should see an improvement, in your IDM speed. If you have any inquiries or need assistance on how to increase IDM downloading speed feel free to leave a comment

Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and feedback after reading this post in the comments section. Thank you!

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