How To Add IDM Extension in Chrome 2024 Complete Guide

How TO Add IDM Extension in Chrome

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is widely regarded as the preferred download manager, among Windows users.

However in order to fully utilize its capabilities in Chrome you will need to install the IDM Extension, for Google Chrome. There are a couple of methods to accomplish this; (1) Utilizing the IDM integration module from the Chrome Web Store or (2) Manually adding IDM to Chrome.

In summary, we will now explore the steps involved in installing IDM on the Google Chrome web browser.

Let’s get started.


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Steps To Add IDM In Google Chrome

There are ways to connect IDM (Internet Download Manager) with Google Chrome. I will now explain each of them.

Add IDM In Chrome With CRX File

Before we jump on the steps how to add IDM in chrome make sure you enable “Use advanced browser integration” Option and check make on Google Chrome. 


IDMCC For Google

IDM Extension to Google Chrome

Sure here’s the paraphrased version;

  • You can get IDM CC, for Chrome by downloading it from the provided link.
  • Open up Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Click on the three dots located at the corner of the browser window and scroll down to find “More Tools“.
  • Select “Extensions”, from the list which will open a tab displaying Chromes extensions.
  • Enable “Developer mode“. Then simply drag and drop the file named “IDMGCE.crx” that you previously downloaded.
  • A pop up window will appear asking for permission to add the extension to Chrome.
  • Just click on “Add extension” to complete the process.

That’s how you can manually add IDM to Google Chrome in Windows 11 10 7 and 8.

Add IDM In Chrome With Web Store

Here’s how you can add Internet Download Manager (IDM) to Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store;

  • Click on this link. It will take you to the page, for the “IDM Integration Module” Chrome Extension.
  • Next you can select the “Add, to Chrome” button.
  • A new tab will appear on your Chrome window displaying a prompt that requests your permission.
  • Simply choose the “Add extension” option to proceed.
  • That’s All 

Reasons Behind This Problem

Usually, when you launch Google Chrome after installing Internet Download Manager, the IDM extension option will automatically show up on your screen. You just need to enable it to link IDM to Google Chrome.

However if the IDM Extension doesn’t appear when you open Google Chrome for the time, after installing IDM on your Windows PC you can follow this post to learn how to link IDM with Google Chrome.

Before we proceed let’s take a moment to understand why you might be encountering this issue.

  1. Perhaps you accidentally removed IDM from the extensions page, in Google Chrome.
  2. Simply. Install a version of Internet Download Manager.
  3. Google Chrome disables the IDM extension. Displays a message stating that it is corrupted.

Here is a step, by step guide on integrating the IDM extension, in Google Chrome.


Remove IDM Extension from Chrome?

To uninstall the IDM Extension, from Google Chrome follow these steps;

  1. Click on the three dots in the corner of Chrome.
  2. From the menu select ” Tools.”
  3. Choose “Extensions” from the expanded menu.
  4. Look for the IDM Integration Module among your extensions.
  5. Click on the “Remove” button, to it. Confirm by clicking “Remove” again.

And there you have it – you’re done! The IDM Extension has been successfully removed from Google Chrome.

How can I manually add IDM to google chrome?

if you want to manually add IDM to Google Chrome just follow the second method.

How to add IDM crack in Google Chrome?

Follow the same method to add IDM crack to Chrome, my friend.

Why IDM extension is not showing in the Google Chrome web browser in windows 10/7/8/8.1/Vista?

Perhaps the IDM Integration Module is not enabled in Google Chrome. Alternatively you may need to add IDM to Chrome.


Here are the steps to incorporate Internet Download Manager (IDM) into the Google Chrome web browser, on a Windows PC. If you’re still experiencing issues and the IDM Integration Module doesn’t appear in Google Chrome try updating both Chrome and IDM to their versions.

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