IDM for MAC ▶ BEST Download Managers for MacOS 2023


When someone requests my opinion, on the best download manager, the option that springs to mind is IDM (Internet Download Manager). Unfortunately it’s unfortunate that it isn’t compatible, with Mac OS.

However if you’re interested, in enjoying the features of IDM Download Manager, on your Apple Macbook then you’ve come to the place.

In this post I’ll be discussing the three download managers for MacBook.

Best Download Managers for MacBook

IDM Notification

Download managers are software applications that assist in the downloading of multiple files. They ensure fast download speeds. Maintain the organization of downloads and concurrent downloads.

If you frequently download files from the internet on your Mac particularly if they are large, in size or if you want to download videos from streaming platforms, like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and others it’s advisable to have a download manager.

One beneficial aspect of download managers is their ability to pause and resume downloads. Taking advantage of this feature allows you to save both your time and internet data.

Neat Download Manager: IDM of macOS

Neat Download

As I’ve mentioned before Neat Download Manager is considered the choice, for Windows users seeking an alternative to IDM. However it’s important to note that IDM is not compatible with Mac. In cases Neat Download Manager emerges as the option, for Mac users.

The greatest advantage is that Neat is completely free.

You don’t have to purchase a download manager to handle your downloads and increase the speed of downloading.

Neat Download Manager Features

  • Utilizes a Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm.
  • Increase the speed of your downloads to match the bandwidth available, to you.
  • “Arrange your downloaded files according to their download status ( incomplete) and file type (video, document and more).”
  • It possesses the ability to pause and resume downloads even if they were interrupted or crashed.
  • We have a browser extension that allows you to send download links directly to it making it easier for you to download videos and audio, from any website.
  • You can adjust the limit for your downloads.
  • You have the option to adjust the number of connections allowed for your downloads.
  • Yes it is possible to retrieve all the.ts files of an HLS video. Then combine them into a.ts file at the end.
  • You have the ability to renew expired downloads.
  • It is compatible, with the drag and drop feature (, for Mac users).

User Reviews

I’d like to share a screenshots of user reviews, from people who have been using the MacBook for a period just like me.

Check them out.


Sajad Rahmdel: So far so good. Best alternative for IDM for mac.

Sami S: Best Download Manager For Mac Users- Love Frome Kingdom Of Bahrain.


Akshay Goal: Really Neat!

The top choice, for Mac users as an alternative, to IDM. It’s nearly identical. Most users wouldn’t even notice any distinctions.. It’s completely free compared to the fee required for IDM.

FDM [Free Download Manager]


FDM stands as one of the download managers, for MacBook users. True, to its name FDM is a download manager that can be accessed on Windows, Linux and Android operating systems as well.


  • Get the support, for Mac OS.
  • Get support for downloading URLs.
  • Grab videos, with the Video Grabber feature.
  • Enjoy downloading torrents.



Folx Download Manager is a paid download manager specifically designed for Mac users. It offers a range of high quality features, to those found in Internet Download Manager.

Folx is a download manager, for Mac that offers features reminiscent of IDM (Internet Download Manager). It allows you to resume downloads and accelerates the download process by downloading from multiple connections.

The apps free version allows you to download files using two threads. If you have internet you can choose to upgrade to the Pro version, which enables support, for, up to ten connections.


  • Integrating the browser is a process.
  • It allows for resuming downloads
  • You can customize the proxy settings according to your preferences.
  • The smart tagging feature enhances the browsing experience.


Is IDM available for mac?

No you won’t find IDM (Internet Download Manager) for macOS. However a great alternative, for Mac users is Neat Download Manager.

What is the FASTEST Download Manager for MacBook?

For Mac users looking to maximize their download speed I recommend trying out Neat and Folx Download Managers. These tools can optimize your bandwidth. Ensure you get the possible downloading experience.

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