▷ Best Download Manager [FASTEST] for Windows PC 2023


It’s frustrating when you’re downloading a file in your browser. It suddenly stops at 90% or if you can’t resume the download.

It is a waste of time & money.

Don’t worry 😉 because in this post I’ll share with you the rated applications that can help you overcome all those pesky downloading issues. Moreover, These applications are commonly referred to as Download Managers.

I’ve experimented with, over 11 Download Managers for Windows. Narrowed it down to the 3 software options, for downloading on a Windows PC.

Features to LOOK FOR

If you’re searching for the download manager, for Windows there are important features that you should consider.

  • To begin with it is essential to have a download manager that’s both speedy and efficient. A reliable download manager will enable you to download files without consuming bandwidth.
  • One crucial aspect to consider is the capability of resuming downloads. In case your connection gets disconnected or interrupted it would be inconvenient to restart the download process from the beginning. An efficient download manager should have the ability to continue where you left off allowing you to resume your download promptly.
  • Ultimately what you’re seeking is a user download manager that boasts an interface. It’s important to avoid any frustration when attempting to download files by opting for a download manager that offers an interface that is effortless to navigate.

These are the three download managers, for Windows computers.

IDM [Internet Download Manager]

Internet Download Manager ranks as one of the downloaders, for Windows. Let me explain why…

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a premium download manager designed for Windows computers offering a range of features. When downloading IDM from the website you can access a 30 day trial version. Developed by the company Tonec FZE IDM provides enhanced downloading apabilities, for users.

What We Like About IDM

  • ✅ Number one Windows Download Manager.
  • ✈ Lightning fast download speed.
  • 😉 User friendly interface.
  • 🎥 Video Download Panel [Download videos from any website with one click].
  • 😊 Compatible, with all web browsers.
  • 👉 Option to. Resume downloads.
  • 📂 Capable of downloading files of any type.
  • 🌍 Supports languages.

What We Don’t Like About IDM

These are a drawbacks of using IDM (Internet Download Manager). No need to fret! I’ve provided a post that offers solutions to these issues alongside it.

  • 😟 Having trouble downloading torrents? Follow these steps to download torrents using IDM.
  • 😁 Are you aware that IDM is only free, for a 30 day trial? Don’t worry there’s a trick to reset the trial and get another 30 days of usage. 😉 IDM Trial Reset
  • 📣 Unfortunately IDM doesn’t directly support downloading from Mega.NZ. However there’s a workaround called “Mega to IDM” that allows you to download files from Mega.NZ using IDM.
  • 💔 Can’t figure out how to download YouTube playlists ? No worries! Here’s a helpful trick, on how to download YouTube playlists With IDM.

FDM (Free Download Manager)

Next, on the list is Free Download Manager (FDM). The best part, about FDM is that it’s completely free. Let me highlight a features of Free Download Manager for you.

What We Like About FDM

  • 💯 100%. Secure.
  • 🌍 Supports languages.
  • 📂 Compatible, with a range of audio and video file formats.
  • ➡ User. Straightforward to navigate.
  • 👍 Clean and intuitive user interface.
  • ⏯ Ability to pause and resume downloads.

What We Don’t Like About FDM

  • 😖 The downloading speed of Free Download Manager is slower when compared to Internet Download Manager.
  • 😟 Integrating Free Download Manager with browsers can be a bit difficult.
  • 😿 Sometimes the FDM Video Download Panel doesn’t appear when you want to download videos.

Neat Download Manager

Neat Download

Neat Download Manager is a download management tool that is compatible, with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Some might compare it to IDM (Internet Download Manager) as it offers features.

What We Like About Neat Download Manager

  • Our system utilizes a Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm to ensure processing speeds.
  • Boost your download speeds to match the bandwidth you have available.
  • Sorts your Downloads into categories based on their Download Status (Complete, Incomplete) and File Type (Video, Document…).
  • 🌟 This feature includes the ability to pause and resume downloads even if they were interrupted or crashed. 🔄
  • There is a browser extension that allows you to send download links to it and facilitates the downloading of videos and audio, from any website.
  • You can adjust the limit for your downloads.
  • You can adjust the number of connections, for your downloads.
  • Yes it is possible to retrieve all the.ts files of an HLS video. Then combine them into a.ts file at the end.

What We Don’t Like About Neat Download Manager

  • 😟 I’m sorry to say that the video download option, in Neat Download Manager doesn’t seem to be functioning on Google Chrome.
  • 😒 Although the downloading speed is decent it falls short of the performance offered by IDM.

My Recommendation [You LOVE 😍 It]

There are download managers, for various versions of Windows including Windows 11 10 and 7. The list is quite extensive so it would take a while to cover all of them.

Well it seems like you’re looking for a solution to address all your downloading issues.

If you’re, on board with me then consider choosing IDM (Internet Download Manager). It’s a favorite among, over 80% of Windows users. They absolutely adore it!

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