2023 ▷ Add IDM Extension to Opera in 3 Steps

Add IDM Extension to Opera in 3 Steps

You’ve already got Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed on your laptop.

However if you’re not seeing the IDM download popup in the Opera web browser you’ll need to install the IDM extension, for Opera.

So IDM User in this post I’ll be showing you how to connect IDM with the Opera web browser on Windows 11/10/7/8.

The steps for adding Internet Download Manager (IDM) to Opera are much the same, as adding IDM to Google Chrome.


Steps To Add IDM In Opera

Sure there are ways to add the Internet Download Manager (IDM) extension, to Opera. I’ll walk you through all of them.

Before we begin make sure you have enabled the “Use browser integration” option and checked the box for Opera.

Internet Downoad Manager Extension Option for Opera

So lets get started without delay.

Download IDMGCExt.crx File for Opera

Download IDM CC for Opera 👇


IDMCC For Opera by CrackProPC.zip

First Method To Add IDM in Opera

To integrate Internet Download Manager (IDM) into Opera browser we will follow these steps;

  1. Open the Extension Page, in Opera by clicking on the Opera icon located at the corner and selecting “Extensions.” Alternatively you can use the ctrl+shift+E.”
  2. To add IDM to Opera simply. Drop the file called “IDMGCExt.crx” into the opera extension tab.
  3. After that click on “Install”. Then confirm by clicking “Yes install” to proceed with the installation.
  4. Finally customize the IDM options according to your preferences.

This is one way to add Internet Download Manager (IDM) to Opera.

Now lets move on to the method.

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Second Method To Add IDM Extension in Opera

To add IDM (Internet Download Manager) to the Opera browser follow these steps;

  1. Open. the webpage in Opera Browser and Click Here.
  2. Install the “Install Chrome Extensions” addon, for Opera by clicking on the provided link.
  3. Once you have successfully added the addon you can now use Chrome extensions in your Opera browser since Opera is based on Chrome.
  4. Visit [Insert IDM extension page]. Install the “IDM Integration Module”, for Opera from that page.
  5. That’s it! You have now successfully added IDM to your Opera browser.


Does IDM work with Opera Browser?

Yes, 100%.

How can I download YouTube videos with IDM in Opera?

Sure you can simply install the IDM (Internet Download Manager) Addons/Extension on your Opera browser to easily download YouTube videos using IDM.


I hope you are able to integrate the Internet Download Manager (IDM) Extension, into the Opera web browser, on your Windows 10/7/8/ PC or desktop. If you have any questions related to your query please type them in the comments section. I will respond soon as possible.

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